Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleared SCJP 1.5 with 91%

Finally gave the exam.. Having had planned to give the test several times before, finally i managed to take the date.. and give the test today ... and Voila !!! cleared with 91 % (65 q out of 72 correct ) . All thanx to two people kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for coming up with such a brilliant SCJP prep book. I wud neone who is giving the test and others who arent giving also to read it... The concepts are explained brilliantly with humor interspersed which prevents u frm getting bored. A must read for every SCJP aspirant.

And now comin to the main part. Apart frm the mentioned book, make sure u read the dumps tht are roaming around every where on the net. I've listed two documents tht r again, well a must read. Around 50% of my questions in the real exam were from these dumps. So u can very well imagine how important these qs are. But read them only after reading the book prperly. Just reading these dumps w/o understandin wont get u far. But remember these dumps are for exam 310-055. So use them accordingly.


Feel free to ask queries or if u hve doubts in ne Qs.

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Hi Mr.Puneet I just wanted to ask that I am going to appear for SCJP on 19th september so will these dumps which you have provided be helpful I mean are they latest.

Thanks for the share ..Really appreciated work. And I do have the SCJP Dumps | SCWCD Dumps...I think this is helpful to ur visitors

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