Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Fuze !!


Its been quite some time since i hve the Fuze.. My first smart fone.. However it hasnt got ne mention in my blog yet.. So here i am posting it now.. Y now? There is a reason .. Bcoz my fuze hasnt looked so good before.. Now it looks just fantabulous..

I knw its very iPhone-like .. But i does look damn good. And its so easy to use. All credit goes to MiToNiOeS.. coz he is the creator of the iPhoneToday (the theme that u see above). Apart from this theme, i have also installed Iconsoft PhoneEx and some other finger friendly nifty utilities that enhance the expreience a lot. The GPS is also working gr8.. Also Popcap has released pocketpc versions of my favourite games , namely Zuma, Chuzzle and MummyMaze so tht adds to the fun..

To sum up.. I love my Fuze.. But i think i m loadin it up a tad too much .. As of I have as much as four full-fledged today themes (the Default, TouchFlo 3D, Titanium and the IPhoneToday) that i can use and all seem to be really good.. Need to do a backup soon..
:) ..

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