Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I have been thinking to start blogging but dont know why havent been able to get myself to sit down and write one.. But today finally i'm writing one.. and hopefully will continue to write at regular intervals if not daily..

Since its my first blog, i'll write on something that interests me more than anting else.. And that is Computers!!! I've fascinated by this machine no ends since my early days and havent been able to stay away from it. And how could i? There's so much to do with it.. Music , Surf, Download, Chat, Post, Help, Socialize and now Blog!

I try to keep myself updated with the new developments in the Software Industry, and the most recent development that has caught my attention is Virtualization. Ya, many must have heard that word before and must be knowing bout it also but for those who havent i'll explain it a bit...

Virtualization is synonymous to Virtual OS and allows an OS to be run under a diiferent OS. In other words, U can run the OS like u run other programs. The Original OS of ur system is termed as Base OS and the OS which is run under the Base OS is termed as Virtual OS. The Virtual OS uses a portion of the Main Memory, Hard Disk and other resources of the Base OS.

So where can this technology be used? Currently, This technology is proimarily used by developers who need to test their s/w under diiferent OS. So this comes in very handy then.
Students can use this if they need to learn new OS like the Unix Shell. And enthusiasts like me use this to try out newer versions of OSes.

Now the immediate question is How do u start using a Virtual OS. I would prefer u use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (if u prefer to load a Windows based Virtual OS). If u want to load Linux as the Virtual OS, then u shud try VMWare Workstation. Both are downloadable from their respective sites. The former is free , while u wud be able to download only a trial version of the later (;)).
Microsoft Virtual PC is very simple to use and shudnt take u more than five minutes to get used to it.

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