Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Had my Gd/Pi on 18th...

Must say very Well Organised! However my Interviewers were reeeeeaaaaalllly slow! my PI got over an half after any other group.

The process went like this:
1> Go to 905 and deposit the SOP and work exp. certi. U'll get ur group no and appln form no.
2> Wait in 902
3> Vice Chancellor willl come and give a brief speech... Nice speech ..
4> Groups will be called for GD
5> GD will take place. My GD started at around 10.10 am
6> Then u'll go back to 902 and they will call people for PI.

The GD as stated earlier had 2 mins of thinking time followed by 18 mins of discussion.
We were given 2 topics :
1> Smart Work and Success
2> Examinations and Education

Everyone voted for the second topic
ROOM No.705

After the two mins were over, Everyone jumped in to start.. I waited :) ... Start was that there are three diff levels of education ... primary.. secondary... graduation... post grad.. They discussed about the curriculum being too theoretical and needs to have much more practical aspect to it... i kept seconding the views for the first 5 mins. Got cut the first 3 times i tried to say... But kept trying never the less.. (Was the only fresher in the group) Everyone around 10.15 were concentrating on how examinations test the rote power of a student ,etc. I then put in a point that Its not only exams but more importantly the evaluation of exams is also faulty. Eg: During the primary level, Evaluators cut marks for grammatical mistakes even in subjects like History,Geography.. Instead they shud look at the content of the answer... Everyone took notice :).... Waited for another two three mins ... Then when the discussion was getting boring .. Said that the Evaluation shud be percentile based and not percentage based.. SO it gives the performance of a student w.r.t his batch... So 10 yrs down the lane my marks might be less as comapared to the standard then but my percentile will come to my rescue... Around that time the warning bell rang ... SO one person (with Batch no 4)i guess panicked and started concluding abruptly (with still 5 mins to go).. Dont know whether i dd the right thing or know.. but told him that there is still enough time for us to discuss a few more points.. He agreed (or did he? Who cares!!! I had to make a point so i contiinued.. :D).. .Then I decided to put the blame on exams ... Exams are too predictive and this nature allows Coacing classes and students to crack the exam easily.. ALso inspires rote learning ... So like CAT exams shud have a dynamic nature.. their pattern shud keep on changing ... Some one then summarised very effectively... He had jot down points that were discussed and must say he didnt miss any.. Was a very good summary...

All and all it was a very good GD. nO fish market at all... And my contribution was satisfactory enuf..

Then came PI
PI was a breeze.. Was the last person to have my PI in the morning batch.. My turn came at 1.27 pm (3 longs hrs of waiting Phew!!). The interviewers were reallly friendly and sweet.. Consisted of two people (1 ma'am and 1 sir.. didnt ask their names .. shud have though). They asked me general qs.

Started off wid "hws engg going?"
then "what u do in ur spare time?"
then " what u aim for?"
then "difference betwn Bussiness Analyst and Consultant ? (puys! i need u all to ansswer this for me) "
then "Got placed? where? "
then "One thing u'll remember bout Jai Hind (my junior col)"
thats it i guess
It went on for about 10-12 mins

They asked me whether i had ne qs to ask?
I said "yes" and asked "HOws my SOP ?" (wat was wrong wid me? Guess the wait took its toll on me)
Ma'am said spontaneously "Too Long"
But sir was diplomatic and said "We are not here to get judgemental and stuff (didnt really understand.. but still gave a smile,....)

Overall good one ..

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