Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Experiences @ ThoughtWorks --- Part 1

I waited all day long!! Waited all nite... Through the train journeys ... Through the lectures... Sometimes getting impatient ... sometimes nervous... other times excited ... and some others curious... But deep within was afraid ... having faced a series of rejections this season... Lots of things going thru ma mind.. Somehow got thru the day... But eventually got tired waiting and then got to one of ma favourite passtime .. 'Sleeping'... @ around 5 pm, "Dus Bahane karke le gayee Dil" my phone rang all guns blazing .... All excited i got up just to find a friend at te other end... @ 6 again.. "Dus Bahane karke le gayee Dil" This time with not so much eagerness i answered the call , but to find the HR of ThoughtWOrks, Mr.Mayank at the other end. I got up instantly. He started
" Puneet, We are done with the collaborative discussion and we have come up with the result. U had mentioned earlier ur interview didne go all that well. And i had said that your previous rounds had gone good and we have to take that under consideration while deciding about u. So we had a discussion and the people who took ur technical interview gave theis views. I'm sorry to say tht i guess ur technical interview proved to be a great hinderance in ur selection process. And this time u r not selected. "
My hopes were thrashed . It brought memories of 6 months back, the same news was given although at a different place and by a different person. I had by then almost stopped listening to him, bt remember a bit of rest of the conversation. He continued."Having said tht, Ur code review was really good. and the person who paired with u (Amit swami) had given a positive feedback. The HR people had also given a decent feedback. I'll be mailing u these feedbacks so tht u can hve a look at it. in 2-3 days time."
I dont remember myself saying any thing more than "OK" in between his lines. But frankly speaking after Saturday, i had anticipated it. The tech interview was nothing more than "average" at best. Was a bit sad but this diappointent didnt last for long... I had so many positives to take out from the process... When i think of them.. I really think even getting rejected was worth it. :D .. The place was gr8.. The people were welcoming.. Everyone who i had interacted with.. Mayank, Steve (twice now), Atul, Manav, Amit to name a few. All and all was a good , memorable experience.. Details of the interviews will be posted soon..

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Hi Puneet,

I have shared with you a detailed feedback on your yahoo ID. I hope it is constructive.

We (..and I mean ALL the ThoughtWorkers who have interacted with you..) hope to, and want to, see you again soon... :-)


Hiya Puneet!

The folks on the Recruitment team sent me the link to your blog. Thanks for the kind words -- and my apologies for the nerve-racking experience.

I've submitted feedback to Mayank, but if you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


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