Monday, March 17, 2008

Give Gambhir a chance!!!!!! #$^@*

The headline shouts "Gambhir fails to make the cut in Test squad". The discussion is about to start. The Sports Primetime section has an issue to discuss. What does it require to get into the Indian Test Squad. Experience? Form? Performance? I guess it requires something more than tht. Coz the 26 year old Gautam Gambhir not just had those qualities , had those in plentiful. With an experience of 14 tests and round bout 50 odis, is in sparkling form having scored 440 runs in the CB Series at an astounding avg of 55 and a good first class season last time. Still he missed the bus. Compare this with the stylish Yuvraj's . In the Border Gavaskar Trophy he managed 17 runs in 2 test matches(avg 4.25) and in the Cb series, 202 runs (avg 22). And he's not looking any better with just managing to scrap through the fitness test. Same is the case with Wasim Jaffer, who was in the same league as Yuvraj having made 49 tuns in 3 matches at an avg of 8.16. But i guess his stars were well placed (this is only reason i can think of) that he mad it into the squad.
I seriously think he deserved better treatment from the selectors. The selectors hve surely messed up by giving Wasim or Yuvi for that matter yet yet another chance.

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