Friday, May 15, 2009


Its been more than 8 months since I last posted. This post was long due. I have always wanted to post but for some or the other reason (lethargy being the prime culprit) , I couldnt. A lot has changed in these 8 months, the most visible change being tht now I am in Cyprus., working for a reputed company and life has never been more comfortable. The place is great , nice weather , great beaches (situated just a stone's throw away), no pollution , have a personal car and yes a good job too.

It been almost 7 months here. Time has flown so fast. But then there were so many things I have done. Here's a gist :
came to cyprus..... BANG!!!! banged the rental car on its second rental day…. found a good house after a month's hard work .. Danced to my heart's content at the navratri/dandiya celebration at Amdocs(my best moment as yet in Cyprus) …. bought a car .. the fiasco at summer end party... late night journeys to Troodos mountains (even though we had been to troodos thrice, had no clue how it looked !!)... car breaks failed and used SpeedFire (the car pickup service) .. Friday night get togethers at Pradeeps .. Tennis ball cricket on Saturdays .. Dance rehearsals and finally the dance at the Charity function … Played for amdocs in the practice matches at the Happy Valley and scored “a golden duck” and “a second ball duck” in my first two innings .. Enjoyed my first snowfall at Troodos … Ski-ied on the dangerous Troodos mountain slopes albeit with no training … had an insane attachment to the Ninja Sigma PS3 game (sometimes dreamt bout it too ) and successfully crossed all the levels in the game (with a friend's help) only to restart the game at a higher difficulty level … watched one of my very good friend (also my roommate) being fired and then leave for India .. found a second house and had a bad time shifting all the stuff …. Force convinced a friend to come ski eventually leading to his leg bone fracture (still walks using crutches :( ) .. got my first smartfone (HTC Fuze)... Fooled around with GPS capabilities of my fone and flashed it n times (technical noobs, dont bother).. Watched my roommate bang his car into our common friend's car (hilarious!!!) .. Watched another of my close friend repatriate to India .. went to the eastern most tip of Cyprus and saw the most beautiful beach … Drove my car for 170 kms straight eventually leading to an overheated car and time for Speedfire again … finally found time to write this post..

Phew!! And these are just the milestones!! I have not even touched upon the mundane activites … Like the vegetable shopping at the Saturday Market .. Bowling at Galactica .. Dinners at Raj Tandoor/Pine Tree/Indian Masala/Pizza Hut/Mc Di …But then these arent tht intersting as the previous ones, so chuck it...

Thts it for now.. expecting more interesting things to happen and hopefully I will write on more interesitng topics in future..

P.S. : I may have forgotten some imp things in the lemme knw ..

P.S.S : I knw u must have already noticed but have only mentioned Pradeeps name in the post. Reason being am sure he will be least concerned bout it and he will surely feel a lot nicer when he realises tht now he is on the World Wide Web :) ..

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Seems like you are having a lot of fun :D

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