Saturday, June 20, 2009

A jump to remember !!!

It was the end of just another day @ office. The clock was just nearing six! ASC (social club) was just bout to open . Vinay was supposed to be there and he was .. as usually chit-chatting on his N79. He seemed to have ended his talk early after seeing me.. It had been a while since i had played TT.. so went into the TT room for a game or two... But as luck would have had it.. there were no balls.. err.. TT balls.. I had seen a ball in the dustbin at the door but was obviously sure tht it had to be defective .. Vinay , being the "never be sure before you try all possibilities" guy, also saw the ball and picked it up , to find ,to my surprise , tht it was surely playable with. We played a few knocks, but vinay decided to hit a smasher which didnt do much good for the ball . So we were again left w/o a ball. Only solution seemed to find one at the mysterious open area just above the entrance. I m not sure why it's situated there but surely turns out to be of great help in a situation like ours. So i, being the more athletic of the two (or so i thought) readily agreed to do the fetching. I had climbed there earlier but now the position of the cupboard next to the door was changed making it much more difficult to accomplish the deed. But determined i was to play TT tht day. Nothing could stop me tht day. W/o second thoughts on how wud i get down, i took the chair's help to get onto the cupboard , then over the discarded and wobbling TT table, somewht held in place by vinay , then over the gate again held steadily by vinay using his other hand and finally using my strong arms to get to the area.
Half job done. and sure enuf i found 2 good balls out there. Next job was to get down. I m sure it was bout 12 feet high but from up there ..didnt seem tht high.. I thought of going down the same way but somehow i thought i did let gravity do the work. I consulted vinay and in the most calmest voice possible he did tell me once not to jump.. I looked again.. It didnt seem high.. I consulted again .. Before he could reply ..i told him i was jumping.. i had made up my mind.. I was ready to take the plunge.. and so i did.. After bout 3/4th way down i had realised "Shit! this is high!!! M screwed! " I landed prefectly (an vinay describes) on both my feet but somehow mysteriously bounced off the ground , the impact making my spectacles go for a toss... In two mins i was back up.. gathered the remnants of my specs .. only to realise my heels were aching like hell.. I looked up and now it seemed damn so high ... The idea of TT was dropped :( and i left for home in my car instantly ...

It was only the next day i went to the doc .My heels were bruised and m advised a week's rest.. but I m recovering well.. and Hoping to be back to office on Monday..

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Cyprus jaake monkey ban gaya :P

so the proverb still stands true .

" he who climbs too high is sure to fall " :)

just dropped by, to say hi! :)

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