Sunday, July 12, 2009

Utilities ..

This post has arisen out of my personal need and the subsequent frustation tht arises when i dont find those small little nifty utilities tht i use so often but yet end up downloading them again and again. The reason ?? may be because i m not organised a person .. or maybe because i switch os/do cleanups so often tht i end up deleting them. Whatever it is.. i knw many of u are in the same boat as me.. So i have come up with a workaround.. Rather than on my comp.. i m storing these small utilities on the web.. in my own space .. no zips.. no rars.. direct link to exe!! so when i need them , they are just 2 clicks away.. so i will keep adding them.. First to be added is the one tht i use most these days.. ne guesses? Yes its hjsplit !! You can find the exe at this link.

I might add some portable softwares also. I will post if and when i do so..

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